Our wellbeing is dependent on a healthy environment. Codifying this relationship helps us to appreciate and manage it better. Dr Anne-Gaelle Ausseil, a fellow seconded from Manaaki Whenua, and Dr Alison Collins, the Chief Science Advisor for the Ministry for the Environment, have been working on a project to codify these relationships between nature, people and well-being.

To celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May), Anne-Gaelle and Alison have written a summary of their work.

Download the summary ‘Codifying the relationship between nature and people’ (PDF, 658KB)

Read the summary on the Ministry for the Environment website

Read the full report ‘Environmental stewardship and well-being’ on the Manaaki Whenua website

A person in a blue rainjacket and beanie hugs a large tall tree trunk, with their arms only wrapping one-third of the way around.