Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a feature of our world and everyday life in myriad ways. The office is building this web page as a resource page for those interested in rapid developments. Check back for more details as we build the website.

Our current work

The Prime Minister has asked us to start a new project on artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on healthcare delivery. The draft Terms of Reference can be found here. This project will tackle the implications of this rapidly evolving technology with a focus on the opportunities it creates to satisfy unmet needs, in the context of the challenges it poses.  We will be working with a panel and wider reference group of experts and stakeholders to inform our work.  The panel will be co-chaired by the PMCSA and the CSA to Manatū Hauora|Ministry of Health, Ian Town.  If you are keen to get involved and have capacity to contribute over the next few months, get in touch by email:

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Topics of interest


AI to Z

A useful guide to the many terms and acronyms from the Conversation (April 2023)


Trying to get your head around what Chat GPT means for you?  Make yourself a cup of tea and listen to Simon McCallum’s detailed explainer recorded May 2023,


  • 2021 report from University of Otago researchers making recommendations to the government to address impacts of AI on jobs and workforce in NZ, with a particular focus on healthcare and the law.
  • 2019 report from University of Otago researchers considering implications of AI for government.
  • 2019 report from ACOLA, the Australian Council of Learned Academies, with input from NZ authors, on ethical and effective AI to improve well being.
    • See also a discussion of this work from Te Apārangi here.
    • And an accessible summary here.

Our earlier work

In 2019, interns Kyle Webster and Fang Ou developed reports on AI.

Kyle explored the technological background of AI, talking to people around the country to capture what experts were thinking in this area, and scoping the long term impacts of AI development on Aotearoa New Zealand society and policy.

Fang assessed the impact of AI and augmented and virtual reality technologies on learning, teaching and education in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Fang’s report: On the impact and potential of AI in education can be found here. A short summary report is available here.

Last updated: May 14 2023