International engagement

Juliet regularly engages with the Chief Science Advisors from other nations on matters of mutual interest.

International CSA meetings

The community of international chief science advisors has met regularly online throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic


In February 2021, Juliet presented at the policy partnership on science, technology and innovation committee session at the New Zealand hosted. The session explored building public trust through open science and communication.


Juliet regularly attends the Forum of Australian Chief Scientists (FACS) meetings as an invited guest, this image is from the February 2023 meeting.

Visit the website of Australia’s Chief Scientist


Juliet met with Dr Mona Nemer, Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, in August 2019.

In April 2021, the New Zealand and Canadian CSA Forums held a joint meeting.​

Visit the website of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

United Kingdom

In July 2019, Juliet visited Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Advisor to Her Majesty’s Government, UK.

Visit the website of the UK’s Government Office for Science

United States

In August 2019, Juliet met with Kelvin Droegmeier, Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and Science Advisor to the President, pictured here with Chris Liddell, the President’s Deputy Chief of Staff for policy coordination.

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