The OPMCSA’s report, “Toward an understanding of Aotearoa New Zealand’s adult gang environment”, has featured in multiple news articles and interviews with Juliet and co-author Professor Tracey McIntosh.

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5th July 2023

The report was referred to here, “New Zealand can’t arrest its way out of the gang problem, science chief warns” and here.

Articles outlining politicians’ responses can be read here and here. Further coverage based on a press release can be read here. A commentary can also be listened to here.

Listen to Juliet discussing the report here, “Dame Juliet Gerrard on gangs“,

Professor McIntosh and other politicians have provided commentary here “Can’t arrest way out of gang problem”.

Listen to Professor McIntosh discussing the report with Heather Du-Plessis Allan here and see the Newshub interview here, “Govt needs to arrest ‘tough on crime’ rhetoric to tackle criminal gangs”.

Checkpoint’s Lisa Owen discusses the commentary around the report here, “Expert on report into NZ’s gang problem”.

The report was also mentioned internationally in The Times here, “Tougher policing ‘won’t fix New Zealand gangs crisis'”.

7th July 2023

See coverage of the report here on

8th July 2023

The report was discussed in an editorial here, “Let’s have more thought on the gang problem”, and in an opinion piece here.

9th July 2023

The was discussed in a e-tangata commentary here, “Waiting for the sober talk on gangs”

14th July 2023

The report was mentioned in this article here which also provides commentary from the wider community.

18th July 2023

The report was analysed here, “Inside the report on gangs and what can be done about them”

7th August 2023

A NZ Herald article by Derek Cheng mentioned the report in terms of early interventions for youth crime. Read it here, “Election 2023: Youth crime – the politics, numbers and what would make a difference”

Last updated 7th August 2023