The Minister for Oceans and Fisheries David Parker and fisheries researcher Dr Glenn Simmons talked to Nine to Noon on RNZ about recently announced changes to fisheries management, including a ban on dumping fish.

“It’s also one of the recommendations of the Chief Science Advisor when she looked into these issues, was that we set up an Oceans and Fisheries Minister, which is me, and that we try to bring a more holistic view to the management of our oceans so that we are focusing perhaps less on an individual fish species, and more on ecosystems,” says David Parker, Minister for Oceans and Fisheries. “Now, if you have a healthy ecosystem you would expect to have healthy fisheries as well. One of the ways we’re planning to do that is to take that more holistic look, is to try and bring the Department of Conservation and Fisheries perspectives closer together through [the establishment of an Oceans and Fisheries Ministers Group and Secretariat hosted by the Department of Conservation].”

Listen to the interview below or on the RNZ website

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