Project information

This project considered the use of AI tools to support healthcare delivery in light of our unique Aotearoa New Zealand context. The full Terms of Reference for the project can be found here.

Our expert panel members

The report was informed by our expert panel

We were privileged to hear from Director General of Health Dr Diana Sarfati at our first panel meeting in late June, 2023. She spent some time sharing about our current health context and highlighting where the project could add value. Members of the team from OPMCSA, MoH, and our wonderful panellists are pictured below.
From left to right: Rebecca Benson, Jeremy Tuohy, James Maclaurin, Michael Witbrock, Diana Sarfati, Juliet Gerrard, Megan Tapsell, Vithya Yogarajan, Robyn Whittaker, Karaitiana Taiuru, Ian Town.
Our team and the expert panel members at the Panel 2 meeting. From left to right: Rebecca Benson, Emma Brown, Vithya Yogarajan, Juliet, Ian Town, Alistair Knott, Robyn Whittaker, Karaitiana Taiuru, Megan Tapsell, James Maclaurin, and Michael Witbrock.

Our reference group

Our mahi is further informed by experts and stakeholders from across the motu. We are grateful to everyone who generously shared their thoughts on the work as it progressed.

Please refer to our report for a full list of the reference group

Workshop and Symposium – 11 April 2024

On April 11, 2024, Ian Town chaired a workshop and symposium focused on artificial intelligence in healthcare.

A summary of the workshop is available here. (PDF, 199KB).

This symposium explored the insights from the “Capturing the Benefits of AI in Healthcare for Aotearoa New Zealand” report. Highlights included a unique presentation by a Soul Machines avatar, detailing the report’s findings.

Last edited on: 29 April 2024