AI for research

AI has the potential to change how we carry out research. Tasks that are typically time consuming may become significantly faster using AI. For example, generative AI tools could produce the first-draft of a journal article for proof reading by a human researcher or AI software could carry out mundane repetitive tasks such as counting features in images for data collection. This potential raises various questions pertaining to the responsible and appropriate use of AI in the research field.

International examples

In March 2024 the European Commission, together with the European Research Area countries and stakeholders, released a set of guidelines to support researchers in the responsible use of generative AI. You can read these guidelines here.

Useful resources

  • Science in the age of AI – A 2024 report by the Royal Society that explores the impact of AI on the methods and nature of scientific research. A brief summary of report recommendations can be found here

Last edited on: 31st May 2024