Summary of NZ Journal of Psychology Rapid Response Issue

This briefing was provided to the PM by way of a summary of the Rapid Response Issue (RRI) of the New Zealand Psychology Journal dedicated to reflections on the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch shooting. The full issue is publicly accessible.

The RRI brought together local experts and opinion leaders and – mindful of the low Muslim population in Aotearoa New Zealand and our (thankfully) limited experience with acts of terror – solicited expert views from Australia, the UK and the US to add to our own voices. Obviously this represents the voice of a single discipline – psychology – and other disciplines will bring other lenses with time. While effort was made to include authors beyond those psychologists practising in the Western tradition, this voice still dominates.

The briefing was prepared at pace by the Juliet Gerrard (PMCSA), Marc Wilson (Journal Editor), Ian Lambie (Chief Science Advisor for Justice) and Stuart McNaughton (Chief Science Advisor for Education). It may inform more complete pieces of evidence synthesis across the Chief Science Advisor Forum and government.